Monday, August 6, 2012

Hold on to your Hats Ladies and Gents...

  This could get crazy...

First and foremost my mind has been spinning out of control like a chimpanzee on the twisted rope of a tire swing..  What do I write? I can write about anything :)  Shifting my A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) to an advanced level......  This Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, 

                    Is Where The Fun Begins... 

 I promise I will try to stay at my laptop for at "least" each post without finding an excuse to run (literally) to the store fishing for all the change in my pocket to buy "Dibbs"  mmmmm  yep I know you are asking for a picture mmmmm ...  I truly digress as I am probably off topic somehow yet again ha ha ... 

   I must admit when I am pressured for time I might fail the readers of my blog so ...  as to improvise I am going to give you a treat.. 

        Twelve Eleven

This was to be the title my first book...  Without further adieu I will just display the preface for all to see...     Here it is ---------


         While in media print, the appearance of this book may be mistakenly accepted as a common novel held in the hand of a local coffee shop regular. Peruse deeper, becoming immersed into a script of personal experiences taunting you with bold, gut wrenching, unedited honesty of a bygone era.

       Knowing there aren't personal life stories that take precedence over another, I believe these select human anxieties of life depict broken pressure points. Finite seconds between options of "flipping the switch" to an ending of life, or rejuvenation living under the grace of God. Become entranced in the raw emotions of the ensuing human battle that separates bones from flesh and hopelessness versus purpose. A spiritual warfare and the rejoicing that ensues as Jesus Christ is acknowledged as a personal Savior. 

      These personal testimonies are blatantly accurate and true, permissibly written and illustrated via second hand expression of artistic freedoms. Words that were previously spoken to support actual events of powerful emotional angst. 

                        The traumatic submersion of human frailty descending to the personal hell of a desperate soul.....

                                 Then God

         The "tar stained" empty heart of man pierced by the unequivocal redemptive love of Jesus Christ..  The permeation of His Glory shown pointedly to the "common man". Documented accounts of transformed lives, hopes, and desires.

                                   This will be the testimony of the saints

                             Twelve Eleven

  Revelation 12:11

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death


    So there you have it ....  I am unsure as to whether this book goes forward as I feel i am being led to new ventures to explain later....  who knows maybe tomorrow :)    I leave you tonight with a little more mystery to a guy who hopes to be a broken jar that is pouring out the light from the Spirit dwelling inside of me ....  I want to be relational because my Jesus made me that way .....        Love to all....   

 servant timothy


  1. Amazing!! I want to read this book very badly! :D Looking forward to continually following your blog!

  2. Thanks... Knowing that you are reading and your nice words are definitely worth writing for... Bless em all :)

  3. Nice blog! Looking forward to reading what you have to share. Praying the Lord uses you to further His kingdom through this site.

  4. Ty katey.. We will pray... Happy that you are reading my blog as well