Sunday, August 5, 2012

The humble beginnings of a blog

 My non-abrasive approach to be a personal pen pal to the masses...

       I am writing this in a civil duality...  I love Jesus, writing, dramas, personal relationships, family and so much more but I found myself lacking an audience for my penmanship.. The second reason for a blog has been for you, the readers(possibly more than one?) ha ha ...  But this is a "safe house" if you will, for any of my friends to view my life moments, with insight, and relational interaction available without the fear of stalker or "creeper" status that is prevalent in letter writing to your personal mailbox, inbox, or cell phone.. 

      I am starting out simplistic, possibly evolving to complex...  a blog turning into vlog depending on the attentiveness and/or desire of my faithful audience...  What do you think???    Please feel uninhibited to comment with your opinions, questions, and wishes for this blog for I will accommodate those that are within my humble abilities to accomplish...  Sound fun???  Lets kick this off...  Consider this a teaser into the unique eclectic life of a single Christian guy, Aspiring Surfer, Writer, Lover of vintage fashion, Great recipes, Travel, Tatted, Country boy(currently dwelling in a city apartment), mohawk wearing dude, who loves to immerse myself in any dramatic movie, classic, or new..   Most of all i am relationally driven and hope that in the littlest of ways my life lessons may play a role individually touching each one of you...  

servant Timothy...


  1. I'm glad you decided to make a blog! I love following my bloggers and it's a good way to share things like what's been going on in our lives, sharing pictures with friends and family (for those who don't have instagram ;) ) and all sorts of neat and uplifting stuff! Will be following and can't wait to see what you post! :D

  2. thank you Rachel, I know this is exciting huh... I can't wait to write another ... oh wait I believe I am writing another right now :)