Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anything but Lazy Sunday Afternoon Fun

I have been enjoying a time of peaceful waiting through Bible, worship, and looking with eyes open to be of service as called upon day to day by the Holy Spirit's calling... I have been pleasantly surprised that during a time in my life I felt I was going to be without, I have never felt more WITH...  I have cried tears of joy with several friends witnessing God's amazing relational power to pour through my once dysfunctional selfish attitude with a renewing grace only a loving God can instill in my "new man" This post is going to include some youtube videos that promote a worship attitude for an immersion of your soul to the place of Spirit Minded focus as you come close to your God.. Here are a few of my favorites as you might find them your favorites as well.. 

I urge you to take the time and get "lost" in God for he longs for you to come to Him .... 

This next video is the one i desire to think about constantly for i long to be with my KING...  I want you Father... I want to be beside you in the BEST way ever ....  I CAN ONLY IMAGINE....  

I pray that you are moved to be "MOVED" by the SPIRIT of God...  play these songs over and over ... load them in your music player and walk at night look up to the GREAT BIG STARLIT SKY...   Think about HIM ...  Ponder Jesus all the time it will focus your life in tune to be used in the most amazing of ways, becoming sensitive to the will of your first Love Jesus Christ... 

  I would love to express just how amazing each of you are.. You are so beautifully beautiful to my God and that means you are beautifully beautiful to me as well...  I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU and I consistently thank my father above for the amazing redemptive grace he has blessed me with to be a part of any of your lives, to pray for you, with you, and request the same of you... I am excited to live each day upon the promise of my God who has helped me understand as of late that Being Still in God doesn't mean BORING.. but has been anything but...  I must say that I desire to do anything, anywhere, for anyone, that God leads me to and through prayer and worship He can use me EVEN when I am not DOING....  for when I am not DOING and being still God IS DOING without me getting in the way ... He has taught me that He will speak volumes, just listen, patiently willing to move when called ....  Have I told you that I love Jesus....  Let the love fest of our God begin and carry on until the day fast approaching when we all worship our mighty God together..  

Servant Timothy

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  1. Oh I soooo loved this post!!! I know that longing and feeling to want to get lost in the presence of God! Just to have that time of praising and worshiping Him is so important for Christian. Thanks for sharing those songs!! Those are absolutely some of my favorites! But I must say that I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe is my all time fave! ^__^

    Thanks for sharing and praying for you!!