Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comfort in Your Loving Arms... Home is With You...

                              My God Holds my Heart..

           My God is my safe haven, and I love Him for He loved me first....  

              My temporal feelings and emotions shall never ever overshadow such a love for my Father in heaven..

               The people I admire most are the people that you have brought into my life that love you with that similar crazy passion I do no matter what the age difference.. 

                I interrupted my part 2 of the previous blog because at this time I feel like it is not the direction i am supposed to write due to the nature of this post...  

                I am trying to fully seek my God's direction in every aspect of my life and I take that very very seriously so this is a personal letter to each of you as I have felt very very close to those of you who long for our true Home "with God" just as myself.. 

                The truth is.... I haven't been as transparent as I should have been so to Man up right now is something long overdue ...   

                The facts ....    my full name Timothy Lane Taft


                                                          Marital Status: Divorced Twice

                                                          Children: one daughter 15yrs who I specifically try to avoid mentioning for fear of being viewed as a father that couldn't raise my own daughter to come to know God...  I don't think I could ever convey properly just how much I hurt because I can't will her into a crazy love for God.. So pray with me as I have settled to be a "prodigal father" as i wait..

                                                            I Fight feelings of loneliness even though i am around many people, and i have an insanely crazy desire to have a relationship with a like minded Christian Woman and have the God centered daily family I have never known. 

                                                             I dream of a dinner table with prayer and fellowship, devotions and Bible studies (personal, husband and wife, and family) 

                                                            My reality is that i am to wait upon my Jesus seeking His will not that of my own...  

                                                            I am writing this post today to inform my friends that I am going to step away from my blog and Instagram for time to breathe my God into every part of my being...  For my life is to be about him and unselfish as to my wishes.. So I am going to make sure that I am completely focused on that area before I continue my blog.. Putting my electronics aside for my Bible, prayer, and Listening to His plan... 

                                                           Trust me this HURTS...  everything about my post tonight kinda hurts because I feel it is my responsibility to inform you of my most transparent human feelings and emotions so that I can be prayed for and completely open ..  I feel so very close to all of you.. I feel I am to step away for a period of time... (it is unclear as to how long but I feel I will be back at the time God reveals)  I seek my Father, His will, and direction.... that is what I am seeking...  Any or all comments I will view and respond to before I step aside.. Please stay with me in this time with your support in prayer and I would hope to remain with you but i am aware that God chooses who stays in my life..  Hands Open Facing Upward ..

                I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH 

               you may write me anything to my email address lanetaft@gmail.com and I will respond when my God guides me that the time is right..   


  1. I am supporting you 100% with your decisions here. I think you are being very wise in doing this. But I will miss you posting. :'( ... My prayers are still with you Mr. Timothy and will continue until you return back to post on here, and even then, I will still be praying for God's will in your life and your submission to it.
    Until next time.. I pray God blesses you and keeps you close to Him.

    -Rachel Pursell

  2. Miss Rachel, I am formally responding to you here since i have returned... I have been encouraged by your kind words and to tell you the truth I really see amazing qualities God has placed in you... I am blessed to have your support and your reply was timely and very meaningful.. I must say I was also blessed to know that there were many instances in the Bible God displayed relationships of age differences (Boaz&Ruth, Joseph&mary to name a couple) and it wasn't mentioned as if it was a problem so God may have another shot of a family for me yet.. So by faith i am preparing my life for such a possibility :) trying to not sound completely crazy here but there is a series by Scott Croft... Biblical Dating series... google it .. it is very very good :)

    Sorry for rambling... I have been encouraged by the short time away with my God..