Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie..... My Bucket List

        This is the worship song I played over and over and i suggest to you to play this song on repeat, shut your door of your room turn off the lights and worship....  or put it into your ipod or phone and go outside at night look up into the heavens and imagine taking flight up past the moon to meet the Heavenly father...  zone out everything and just immerse yourself in this amazing worship song giving God your praise..

Bye Bye Birdie


  My bucket list...........

1) Live my life making the appropriate decisions as i move where the Spirit leads me

2)Make such an impact on people I interact with that they see Jesus inside of me.

3)Encourage and spur on believers through prayer, comforting words, and honest friendship that it becomes contagious in the lives of many.

4)Listen, and learn about each persons unique desires, wishes, dreams, hobbies, and talents so that i might give something of value to each of you that will be ultimately used for God's glory.

5) Give to the givers(my fellow believers) I ask that you will humbly accept without misunderstanding my gifts that I am led to give to you for it is what i believe i have been called to do... so number 5 would be to give without being mistaken for ill intent or personal gain..

6)Learn how to apply the fruit of the Spirit daily.

7)Lose the will and desire to have personal items that are of no Spiritual value.

8)Sponsor children

9)Know that my daughter will be with God in eternity.

10)Make the most incredible cheesecake(original, or gluten free) for a future wife

11)Have the opportunity  to give everything I learn from God for a family that exemplifies God's love in the home everyday.

12)Memorize whole chapters of the Bible

13)Always Honor my mother and father

14)Completely get LOST in God EVERYTIME I worship not once feeling inhibited because of someone watching.

15)Live on less

16)The ability to speak in tongues in private without spooking myself and letting it just happen

17)Bridle my tongue so it is only used in the building up of others.

18)Truly forget my sins of the past and move on because God forgave me

19)Ride a real live BULL....  or do something I am fearful to accomplish in order to fully rely on God while i am performing the task.

20)Embrace struggles while I am in the middle of them

21)Smile MORE :)  Frown less 

22)Lose my desire to be accepted by everyone in every decision i make.

23)Make the best gluten free main dish and dessert recipes for my mother and  others who may be gluten intolerant.. you never know it may be practice for someone God has for me.

24)Make every single bit of my time here on earth count....  Lord knows I have wasted much of it.. 

25)accept any blessing God chooses to place in my hands, feeling worthy because he said I was

26)get a passport and go on a mission trip..

27)look for daily opportunities for service.

28)Genuinely feel the pain of others and know when to grieve with them.

29)Budget so well that every penny I save will directly or indirectly go to the work of God

30)Live worry free

31)Be all things to all people so that I might be used to direct anyone to God

32)open my home more to others 

33)Lose all fear of embarrassment to speak in any public venue about my God

34)Lose my timidity

35)learn how to appropriately use my unique quirks and silliness for God

36)Be there for you or anyone that needs me and calls upon my help.

37)Fast a day longer than i think i can while being absolutely discreet and unnoticed

38)Commit to God EVERY area of my life......   EVERY AREA

39)get good use out of the handpuppets i am saving for my family

40)The chance to meet as many of you as i can in person, praying and fellowshipping with you.

41)Live KNOWING I am dead to sin through God free from the slavery of it even in this fallen world.

42)succeed at cleansing the hard water stain that leaves a hideous ring inside my toilet bowl.

43)laugh more

44)disperse money wisely into as many missionaries pockets as i can

45)Be able to Kiss a woman again following marriage...

46)Do inductive Bible studies with a future wife

47)Take a family vacation to someplace "kidlike" Disneyland, or Hawaii, or anywhere my family chose to go..

48)Show pure faith in God through peaceful resolve when it is time to go to be with the Lord

49)Have a christmas celebration where no gifts were bought from a store.. Fellowship and Food sounds amazing to me.

50) Last but not least.......   The chance to formally propose to a Proverbs 31 woman.

                                                 The Disclaimer

   My bucket list is just that... a wish list...  I anticipate most just to be in the presence of God worshipping with everyone..

                          NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING is worth more to me than the promise of being in the presence of God and seeing the tree of life..

                            Until then I will ask God for help on my list before my time is up here..  

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