Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Less is More, More or Less

   First a video for you to enjoy...

     Less is more, More or Less     

    As I continue to ask God to create in me the man he wants me to be I find this Bible verse to be very comforting..  

    Philippians 1:6
  I am sure of this , that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

    Thus after The Bible and prayer I have been convicted in an area of my life that needed more attention.. My own personal exhibitional efforts of self promotion in desire of accolades or acceptance based on my appearance..  It is time to make my life less about me and more about my God inside of me....  When i am faced with the realization by God given discernment through the Word and others of the faith I then have the choice to follow through and this is what i fully intend to do..  I am going to be removing all of my pictures that promote my physical appearance...  I can't begin to tell you how a very beautiful young lady has displayed to me her love for God WITHOUT feeling the need to impress men or women, myself included with her physical beauty ( and I don't think I understood why because she IS ABSOLUTELY  beautiful...)  

        UNTIL NOW....

When you are mature enough in the faith and your walk is so very personal with your Saviour that is what life becomes about... all encompassing and beautifully uplifting showing the love of God through the Holy Spirit filled life you are displaying...  I am seeing Less Her more God and trust me that has an attraction or magneticism unlike any photo of her "adorable feminine features" ever could...  This brings me to the second change...  I am not going to request any pictures as a prerequisite of affirmation to "get to know"  any woman as it is about the Character of God she portrays in conversation, void of physical demands or requests..  Spirit filled, Prudent, Moral, Love is much more easily found when the decision is made to be truly patient seeking the Will of the Father to Divinely match you with anyone you may cross paths with...   I must remove self to see God that much clearer in all aspects of my life... 

   Proverbs 31    fits so well right here.....    most of you reading know it or have the ability to look it up so I will not place it here ....  Read it in your Bible if you are not familiar with it ...

    I thank God for His discernment in my life and i hope through my transparency you might find it a help to find areas that God desires you to "PARENTAL CONTROL"  in your own life... 

I realize this blog post may be somewhat shorter than most, not full of the usual ramblings but I felt this was a more important revelation in my life just recently so I thought the point was worth sharing...   Love to all...



  1. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post! It's true, we must stop putting so much focus on self and more on Him! To live life for God "alone" is to humble ourselves and submit ourselves to His will, not ours. I've been learning a lot in this area of my life and your post has once agin encouraged me. These past few weeks I've been gaining such an intimate relationship with God, and putting Him first in my life has been so rewarding. I just continue living for Him and Him alone. I'm always doing a self check making sure that I'm not guiding my own life, but He is. "Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior,
    and my hope is in you all day long." ~ Psalm 25:5 ~

    God bless you my dear brother! Thanks again for the amazing post!

    In Christ Alone,


  2. Katey, it is quite evident that you check yourself against Gods word and through his intimate relationship... I too have been having amazing intimate special times with my Jesus as of late.. Keep praying for me as I will continue praying for you.. That verse was very fitting and much appreciated... Timothy

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  4. Hi Mr. Timothy! All of the decisions you shared with us today were very encouraging and inspiring. I know too many people that put too much attention on themselves ( not that you did haha )... and you're right, beauty doesn't show from outward appearance but what someone's true intensions are in life and how one lives them. When someone lives for Christ, they can be more beautiful than even some of the prettiest people. . . . Also, I love the song you shared and I have the "How Great is Our God" dvd . . it never gets old! :D until your next post, God bless you! . . . Rachel

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  6. Miss rachel, thanks for your kind words and that dvd is especially amazing in the theater room in my apt :) I love thinking of the amazing qualities of the HUGE God we are in a relationship with... I enjoy being able to see from afar God doing amazing work in you :) timothy