Monday, September 17, 2012

Lovey, Happy, Smiley,Poemy, Sunshiny, Feel Good Time

   Keeping with tradition i am first placing a video... As I hope not to offend i am straying away from the "normal" post to share some videos that may be somewhat secular in nature but with my favorite theme of happy, joy, feel good,smiley fun...


Now before I share more videos that have a special place in my heart with the common theme of love, smiles, friendship, and relational happiness i wrote a special poem for and about my Father in Heaven,

                           My God

                           Closer to my heart than

                          Any will ever be,

                           If I ask Him

                           To be nearest to me.

                           HIS LOVE

                           Steadfast, True, 

                            Beautifully Sweet,

                            Ever present Comforter,

                            His Spirit,

                             Guides my feet.

                              The Call

                              A planned service of "choice"

                              He desires of me,

                              open my eyes,

                              For your ways,

                              I wish to see.         


   And last but definitely not least,

This is one of my all time favorites and it sums up the beautiful Happy relationship of my God for his mercy is so amazing and love unlike anyone could ever duplicate

   Love you all, 

Servant Timothy



  1. Thank you for sharing all those videos! Country music is another favourite :D I enjoyed watching them! And your poem was beautiful! I can't write poems for anything. haha Great post Mr. Timothy!

  2. Rachel, i hope you never tire of reading my blog... It is nice to feel appreciated by our friends and your kindness has done just that. My poem was the main focus of the blog although I enjoy morally good country music as well(josh turner, rascal flatts, craig morgan) although I have found myself lost in more worship oriented music as of late.. I hope you get a chance to listen to the link of Chuck Swindoll and Insight for living on my next blog.. Thanks again, for all the encouragement

  3. Amazing post!! Loved your poem!! I must say I have a weakness for poetry! Beautiful, just beautiful!!

    ~ Katey P. ~